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Our Staff

“Our caring staff creates a fun loving learning environment for all ages”

Leidy Bernasconi

I fell in love with the field of Child Development at a young age, I like the feeling of making a difference in a child’s life.

In my country Peru I was studying to be a teacher but before I could finish the college burned down.

When I moved to the United States, I attended ESL classes then College to continue my education.

I became a mom and my life became even more meaningful. After I had my daughter Allison in 2009, I created a learning environment in our home. I put together a bilingual (English & Spanish) educational program.

We had so many comments from other parents of how they wish their children could be part of my program, so we decided to open a home daycare July 2012 here in Palmdale California.

After a couple of parents trusted us with the care of their children, I had a deeper understanding of how much it meant to be entrusted with the future of a child.

I began to put all my training to work for me by teaching all the children including my daughter. I can still be a mom, I can work from home and teach children through the magic of play. I feel blessed to see children make huge strides in their development and at the same time learning a second language.

Eva Zavalla

Working with children is one of my biggest passions, ever since I was a teenager I was always surrounded by children. I started by babysitting my nieces, and some neighbors children.

I am from California and moved to Mexico when I was young. I had my first girl in 2009, my second girl in 2011, and last but not least my third baby boy in 2017. The 3 of them are my world. I receive many compliments of how educated they are and as a parent it is the best thing in life to hear. Now they go to school and my time in the mornings are dedicated to my other children at BILINGUAL LEARNING CENTER.

When I got a chance to join the staff at BLC I was really excited just thinking that I would be able to be around infants, toddlers, preschoolers and students, it’s an amazing job.

I so enjoy just getting there every morning and opening the door to receive all the little faces that make your day. It’s an unexplainable feeling teaching them new things and helping them grow and develop their little minds as I help them learn. I also learn new things with them and just have a splendid time. I just want to give thanks to all the parents that have the confidence in me and the care of their children.


I fell in love working with kids at an early age being the youngest of five siblings. I grew up with always taking care of my nieces and nephews. As I got older I realized that I had a passion for caring and teaching children. It amazes me how a single child can light up the whole room with just one smile. Being able to work with your children is a gift. Each child is unique in there own way. We are here to embrace them and help them grow. I am extremely honored that I am able to help shape their little minds.

Meet Our Teachers

Leidy Bernasconi


Ms. Eva Zavalla

Infant Teacher

Ms. Alex

Pre-School Teacher